What is NoogaFloogal all about?

So often Christianity is seen
as a long list
of do’s and don’ts,
rules and regulations.

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However, being a Christ-follower is all about being in relationship with the Creator of the entire Universe who is crazy about us, loves us and delights in us!

This life of following Jesus and obeying his commands is anything but boring.
If we truly trust God, he takes us on an amazing journey of adventure, discovery and purpose.
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We follow the lives of 3 young students:
JP Jackson, Thandi Thuli
and Samuel S. Schlumpher
who are enrolled at the La Vie (Life) University which is no ordinary place of learning.

There is a strict entry requirement – you have to be a born-again follower of Jesus in order to become a student. This University of Life represents the life-long Christian discipleship that we as Christians should all sign on for. However, as with any institute of learning, there are students who are passionate and committed, students who try and get by on the bare minimum, and even those who sadly never even attend classes.

La Vie University 600x900-min

Our 3 students discover a mysterious
which has the ability to transport them through the time-space continuum and takes them on a wide variety of fun, scary, crazy and breath-taking expeditions.

Through their adventures they learn more about God, about themselves and about the true way of adventurous life lived to the max.


NoogaFloogal was written, performed and executively produced by Act Won.

ACT WON has been a full time Christian creative arts ministry in 2002. ACT WON consists of a husband and wife team, Tracy and Eugéne Rens, who are the full time workers in this ministry.

The goal has always been to creatively communicate Christ. ACT WON has done so over the years by bringing God’s Word to a wide variety of people, both Christians and not-yet- Christians, within the church and the community locally, nationally and internationally. This is in order to glorify God, introduce people to Jesus and to encourage the Church to be the Church.

“This ministry is not about us – we want to make Jesus famous!”

Kevin Reed of Kevin Reed Productions is the PRODUCER of NoogaFloogal.

Kevin specialises in online video production, sound design and music production. Media training is also close to his heart. Kevin Reed Productions caters primarily for small to medium enterprises and non-profit organisations. Kevin aims to build strong relationships with clients and offers personal, excellent service. His mission is to create quality, affordable content and collaborate with like-minded people in making meaningful media.


Alistair Shaw
Sound Engineer for NoogaFloogal


Samantha Hillebrand
Illustrator for NoogaFloogal


Anzelle Booysen
Website designer for NoogaFloogal


Kevin Reed
Video production for NoogaFloogal


Jean-Pierre Jackson

Eugéne Rens

Thandi Thuli

Tracy Rens

Samuel S. Schlumpher

Gerald Petersen

Prof Sebastian O'Sabio

Kevin Reed

Valko Lonn

Zach Grages

Viveca Lonn

Sarah Lee

The Narrator:
Tafadzwa Njovana


Alistair Shaw
Andreas Gensicke
Anton Lever
Bailey Jourden
Bradley Kirsten
Christian Quist
Edeline Mutize
Elmien Gerber
Ethan Quist

Gloria Nzeka
Hudson Quist
Jacquie Reed
Kevin Quist
Lucien Lewin
Pauline Clothier
Renata Gensicke
Thuthula Mngenela
Tshego Motiang


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